Downtown Development Authority Board

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Arik Jacobson

Arik 1

Eliason Financial Associates, LLC

Arik Jacobson is a strong proponent of downtown Sheridan. He and his wife, Jeriann, purchased both Java Moon and Over the Moon businesses and building in 2005. Even though they sold the businesses in 2011, they still own the building and admire the historic structures and energy of downtown.

“My enthusiasm for downtown is still there even though I don’t own a business on Main Street,” says Jacobson, a partner and advisor for Eliason Financial Associates, LLC. “I accepted the position on the DDA board because I don’t want to see downtown Sheridan become a thing of the past. I’d like to see the DDA build on what has been created downtown, yet come up with new, progressive ideas. I want to see our downtown become a very desirable place to move. I’d like to see DDA provide a push for downtown residential. ”

Jacobson explains his move from Omaha to the smaller community of Sheridan showed him the true sense of community. “Sheridan is unique in how it rallies around its community members.  This is a wholesome community that I want to see thrive so our children can enjoy it when they are my age.”

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David Hubert


Market President for Sheridan and Buffalo, First Interstate Bank

David Hubert, new to his role of Market President for Sheridan and Buffalo, has been a Sheridan resident for 13 years. His feels the tie-in with First Interstate Bank and downtown Sheridan is a strong one.

“Our bank is centrally located downtown, we have many customers who are very involved in downtown, and we work with downtown businesses,” explains Hubert. “FIB is a very community-minded bank. We feel a thriving community provides a thriving bank and vice versa.”

Hubert joined the DDA board because he wants to see Sheridan pushed to the next level. “I want to see what we can do to improve on a great community,” he says. “I’d like to see the Goose Creek Stream Restoration Project build upon what we have downtown, and tie that into making a downtown area where people can congregate. I’d like to see additional downtown parking provided that actually adds to drawing more people into our downtown.”

Hubert believes a great way to keep the downtown vibrant is to provide residential living. “It would be great to have college kids, shop owners, families and single people all walking out of their doors and being in town.”

His praise for the community includes that it’s a thriving community that makes a great place to raise a family. “You can’t beat the mountains and the climate!”

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John Smith


Sheridan Stationery, ABC Realty

John Smith has been in the independent book store business in downtown Sheridan for 21 years, although Sheridan Stationery Books and Gallery has been around for 80 years. He and his wife, Robby (also a board member) are the fifth owners and the store’s second longest-time owners. He is proud that his store is the service oriented and is the oldest, largest independent bookstore in Wyoming. In addition to running the bookstore, John is a real estate agent for ABC Realty.

John loves Sheridan, saying downtown is a vibrant, fun place to have a business and to get involved. He has been being associated with the Downtown Sheridan Association for 21 years. “I have been on several committees at one time or another, have been past president and president. I’m involved in all but one committee right now, and I am the new chair of the Downtown Development Authority.”

John feels the DSA has done wonders to improve the Main Street. “If you look at before and after photos for the DSA being involved in downtown, it’s a night and day difference. All of the improvements have made Sheridan a positive, clean, nice place to work and live.

The Sheridan native was educated at Sheridan College and has “been lots of things, including a coal miner.”  He and Robby have been married for 37 years and have two grown children and grandchildren. He loves fishing, pheasant hunting and yellow labs.

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Richard Hammer

Dick Hammer

General Manager, Hammer Chevrolet

Richard “Dick” Hammer has been part of the family business at Hammer Chevrolet for 34 years. He is the third generation to run the business which has been located in Sheridan for 78 years. Hammer is proud of his company’s dedication to downtown.

“We are the only remaining downtown franchised auto dealership,” says Hammer. “At one time there were five franchised dealers selling 15 different franchise brands.”

Hammer serves on the DDA Committee because he believes the DDA is a key element in the continued growth and strength of Sheridan’s essential downtown. “I’d like to see Sheridan continue to develop and diversify. I find it very exciting what’s happening with the developments in town, such as the addition at Blacktooth Brewery and Whitney Plaza, as well as the increased dining choices in our downtown,” says Hammer. He says over the next five years he’d like see the DDA have the funds to support business diversification and the infrastructure to cultivate new businesses and assist existing ones.

As for living in Sheridan, Hammer can’t imagine anywhere else. “We have everything you need, plus it’s safe, secure, familiar, friendly, beautiful and positive.”

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Shelleen Smith

Shelleen Smith

Director of External Affairs,  Ramaco, a company developing a coal mine north of Sheridan.

Shelleen Smith hails from Sheridan and although she has lived in other locations, moved back to her hometown in 2008. She enjoys being involved with the City of Sheridan as she feels they have a vested interested in the success of downtown.   She is currently president of the Sheridan City Council and served as chair of the Sheridan Planning Commission January 2010-2013.

“Having presided over the North Main Association board for four years, I am hopeful to use what I learned in that role to the benefit of the DDA Board,” said Smith. “I live downtown and would really like to see it continue to prosper and become an even better Main Street.”

Smith said increasing downtown housing is something the DDA should strive for. “I feel that continued revitalization of the historic buildings and successful businesses are essential to our community. Improving our existing infrastructure is critical to our downtown’s long-term survival.”

Smith is happy to be back in Sheridan because of the ability to participate in civic concerns. “It’s been an easy place to get involved in the community to make a difference.”

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