North Park


A stream enhancement project along Goose Creek within the North Park area is currently in the design and permitting phase. Nearly a mile of Goose Creek meanders throughout the North Park area and along the newly developed pathway. As with much of Goose Creek within Sheridan, this reach has experienced extensive bank erosion and over widening of the channel, which has in turn impaired water quality and stream function. Natural Channel Design Methods are being utilized to design appropriate channel dimensions, pattern and profiles within the North Park Area. Similar to the work that has already been completed in both South Park (Little Goose Creek) and Kendrick Park (Big Goose Creek), the North Park Project on Goose Creek will utilize natural materials such as large boulders and trees to provide channel stability and increase diversity of the channel. These structures will also provide stream access and pleasing aesthetics throughout the reach during both low and high flow seasons. Project construction is projected for 2014.

Specific goals for this project include:

  • Increased public access to and enjoyment of Little Goose Creek
  • Increased stream health, sediment transport, and water quality
  • Decreased active bank erosion
  • Increased public support for and awareness of community-wide stream enhancements
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