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Weston Wineries

A large percentage of well-known wineries along the west coast don’t actually own their own vineyards. Like us, they source grapes, grape juice, and wine juice in various stages of fermentation, then cellar, sometimes blend, and bottle them at their winery.  Likewise a growing number of west coast wine grape farmers have chosen not to make their own wine, but instead specialize in growing the best grapes in their region. These diverse paths, in our opinion, continue to improve west coast wines every year! 

We purchase, premium, high end wine juices that can also be found in many popular higher priced reserve bottles of wine on the market today.  The difference is most west coast grapes and juices only need to travel a minimum of 11 miles to reach their new home winery, whereas ours travel 1,100 miles in climate controlled trucks across the Rocky Mountains to Sheridan, Wyoming. 

Wyoming’s unpredictable climate has created many challenges for the few grape growers in Wyoming and we certainly tip our hats to their progress and perseverance over the years!  At Weston Wineries we are proud of our American Grown, Wyoming Cellared wines! We are grateful to the west coast grape growers and wine makers who help us select varietals for our fun and unique 307 Wines which keep our customers returning for more than just one bottle.