Steve Kuzara

Steve Kuzara loves renovating buildings. He is the owner of Sheridan Historic Properties that primarily handles design and renovation work. His “office” location is the Warehouse at 201 Broadway. “We designed this 20,000 feet of space to be a service industry building that could house restaurants, bars, even an events center.” The building was constructed in 1905, and has been owned by the Kuzaras for five years. “We used a lot of repurposed wood. The bar came from the Big Horn Historical Society from the Mission Bar in Hardin.”

Steve said he started life as a machinist, and then started buying, fixing up and selling rentals. He explains one big renovation project was the Mills Building.

“I have lived in Sheridan all my life, and we have always donated to downtown and other charities,” said Steve. “I got involved on the board because I feel it’s very important to give back to your community. It’s essential to keep downtown Sheridan alive.”

Steve and his wife, Shannon, who is also on the DSA board, live upstairs of their store, The Clothing Company & Baby Too. They raised their five sons there and still enjoy living in downtown Sheridan.