The Sheridan County Economic Development Task Force (EDTF) is a team made up of the City of Sheridan, Sheridan County, Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce, Forward Sheridan, Sheridan College, the Wyoming Business Council, and many other local organizations. This team works in partnership to promote the incredible opportunities found in the Sheridan area with the goal of growing existing businesses and attracting new business to the area.

The EDTF was formed to coordinate economic development efforts between the various organizations that promote the Sheridan area. This means that no matter which organization is speaking, our community information and message is strong, consistent and up-to-date.


The EDTF has developed a multimedia set of congruent collateral materials to promote Sheridan to a variety of audiences. The cornerstone of this effort is a promotional brochure detailing the many outstanding qualities of our area, including information on educational attainment, workforce availability and other statistics, taxes (or lack thereof), and more. The brochure is updated and reprinted on a quarterly basis and is available through the Chamber of Commerce and other EDTF partners.

Promoting your organization or business at a trade show or convention? Consider dedicating an 18″ square of your tabletop to promoting Sheridan! Take along this pop-up display of Main Street with a beautiful backdrop of the Big Horn Mountains. Once visitors have been drawn in by the beauty of the scenery, they can learn more about the wonderful place we call home via information available on and around the display. Displays and promotional materials are available for check-out from the Chamber of Commerce.

In a small community like Sheridan, everyone plays a role in spreading the word about the great opportunities to be found here. The  next time you travel out of Sheridan for business or pleasure, take a few of these “calling cards” along to share with contacts you make on your trip. Slip your business card inside and invite your new acquaintance to visit or learn more about Sheridan!

The EDTF is embracing a variety of media to get the word out about opportunities in Sheridan. Every promotional piece created by the EDTF carries a Quick Reponse (QR) code that can be scanned with a smart phone, giving the reader instance access to up-to-date economic and demographic information on Sheridan.

In order to ensure that information distributed about our community remains consistent, easy-to-maintain, and up-to-date, the EDTF has aggregated economic and demographic information into a set of informational web pages that can be accessed through the website of any EDTF partner. This information is updated quarterly in one location, and immediately pushes out to all EDTF partner sites. These pages contain information to help a business owner looking to expand or relocate. Click here to visit the EDTF web pages.

Ultimately, the best thing about the Sheridan area  are the people who live here. We would like to thank everyone for all their efforts to make this such a wonderful community!