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May 21st, 2024|

Since 2014, Jordan and Cali LeDuc have poured their passion for bicycles into Sheridan Bicycle Company, creating more than just a bike shop. With Jordan’s 20+ years as a bike mechanic, including his time at Back Country Bicycle, they have established a full-service shop that offers top-notch bikes and outstanding support for cyclists of all levels. Their shop provides expert bike maintenance services ensuring cycling is accessible and enjoyable for everyone. All the Sheridan Bicycle Co. swag is designed and made in-house by Cali herself! With her creative flair, she’s crafted an amazing selection of sweatshirts and shirts that are available for purchase. Check them out and grab some unique gear! Sheridan Bicycle Co. is proud to be a major sponsor of The Dead Swede bicycle event on June 1st. Born from a spontaneous idea discussed over a few beers, this event has been meticulously planned to become a thrilling gravel race that showcases Wyoming’s unique landscapes. The Dead Swede aims to elevate the love of cycling by offering a first-class experience through some of the most beautiful areas in the country. The mission is to educate people about cycling while introducing families and kids to the exciting sport of gravel cycling. Registration for the Dead Swede ends on May 24th!


May 17th, 2024|

A warm welcome to everyone who is in Sheridan this weekend attending the Rocky Mountain Leather Show or the NPC Cloud Peak Classic. Main Street is open despite the construction on the south end. Come downtown this weekend and explore all the wonderful shops in historic Downtown Sheridan!   Start off your Friday Night: 🫶🎈Come celebrate with the Kula Space's Grand Opening of their new businesses on Friday at 5:30 pm. Equipoise Massage, Stupid Simple Hormones, and The Massage Nook are excited to debut their new locations within the Kula Space. Guests can anticipate door prizes, promotions, delicious food, refreshing mocktails, and more!   Saturday Fun: 🎉🎂Kid Curious is turning 5!!! Join them for their amazing festivities as they mark the milestone of five fantastic years of fun, laughter, and unforgettable memories. Don't miss out - swing by on Saturday from 10 am - 5 pm and help make their celebration one for the books! 🎈   Saturday Afternoon: ☕Are you curious about crafting delectable coffee drinks at home? Tired of waiting in line at the coffee shop? Join the Cottonwood Kitchen + Home and let Mariah show you how to become an At Home Barista, no fancy equipment needed! ☕🏠   Saturday Evening: 🏋Get ready for the NPC Cloud Peak Classic at the WYO Theater, starting at 10 am. This is a day of strength, athleticism, and fun as high-level athletes showcase their hard work and determination. Bodybuilders and Deadlifters will take the stage, competing for both pound-for-pound and [...]


May 17th, 2024|

Step into the warm embrace of community at the Kula Space – an oasis where simply crossing the threshold invites a deep exhale, encouraging relaxation and connection. The owner, Tanya Moon’s journey with The Kula Space began unexpectedly, as she ventured into teaching yoga outdoors upon moving to Wyoming. After discovering the studio, she quickly integrated into its community, transitioning from student to teacher. Tanya then had the amazing opportunity to become the owner of the Kula Space in 2020.   With a small but dedicated team, including her supportive mother, she pours her energy into every aspect of the Kula Space, ensuring it remains a sanctuary of tranquility and acceptance. Under Tanya's guidance, the studio thrives as a place where individuals can escape and reconnect with themselves, all while upholding its legacy of excellence. Tanya’s passion for yoga and commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere continue to inspire all who enter the Kula Space.   The studio offers a retail space with quality yoga apparel and supplies. It has a variety of yoga classes catering to students of all ages and abilities from gentle restorative practices to more active styles. Tanya’s goal is to create a space of inclusivity, emphasizing that yoga is for all. Apart from yoga, the studio is expanding its services to include a women’s holistic hormone practitioner who offers functional health services, including functional labs, and two certified massage therapists. Don’t miss the Grand Opening of the new businesses this Friday at 5:30! This summer, [...]


May 17th, 2024|

In August 2018, a small batch of hand-poured soy candles debuted at a local fundraiser, sparking unexpected enthusiasm. Recognizing a golden opportunity, Dwight and Megan Stanislaw, the founders of WYO Candle Co., embarked on a mission to encapsulate the very soul of Wyoming. Their vision? To infuse the rugged Western charm with the tranquility of the outdoors, crafting premium candles destined to delight all who encounter them.   A year later, in August 2019, WYO Candle Co. officially opened its doors, bringing to life Dwight and Megan’s vision. Their candles, carefully crafted with scents reminiscent of the untamed spirit of the Wild West, swiftly captivated the hearts of locals and beyond. With each flicker, their creations ignite a sense of nostalgia and adventure, spreading the essence of the frontier to homes near and far.   Recently, WYO Candle Co. expanded its offerings to include candle-making events, adding another dimension to the Sheridan community's hands-on experiences. These private classes provide participants with a two-hour immersive journey into the art of candle making, allowing them to blend their own signature scents and take home a custom candle – a tangible memento of their creative endeavor. On May 4th, they launched their latest candle, Sagebrush Prairie, drawing inspiration from a painting by a talented local artist. Don’t miss the chance to visit WYO Candle Co. and explore their exquisite collection of candles or order online at