“The Main Street program is already organized, so why have a committee?”…is a typical reaction of newcomers. But the Organization Committee plays a key role in keeping the Board, Committees, staff, and program-of-work in good shape by attracting people and money to the organization. To succeed your committee must take responsibility for managing the financial and logistical aspects of a nonprofit organization by:

  • Raising money-for projects and administration, from donations and sponsorships
  • Managing staff and volunteers-by recruiting people, supervising them, and rewarding good work
  • Promoting the program-to downtown interests and the public
  • Managing finances-by developing good accounting procedures
  • Holding meetings-to identify community resources, develop strategies and brainstorm ideas
  • Visiting business people-to solicit their support and update them on the program’s plans
  • Talking with the media-to answer questions, gather data or give them fresh news
  • Coordinating groups-to help launch fundraising campaigns and volunteer recruitment
  • Meeting with Board members-to oversee development of financial budgeting and tracking systems