The Downtown Sheridan Association Keeps Sheridan in Bloom

For the past many years, with the support of the Sheridan College Horticulture program, the Downtown Sheridan Association has made it an annual priority to provide petunias for over 225 hanging baskets on the historic street lamps on Main Street. The flower baskets serve as an initial welcome to our summer visitors who help to keep our community financially invigorated. They also express the love we all share for Sheridan and our desire to see our town as a destination community for those seeking the natural beauty of the Bighorn Mountains and modern hospitality with the old west charm of Sheridan.


The expense of growing and placing these flowers in our community has quickly expanded while state and local funding has been decreased. In order to sustain this wonderful tradition, we are seeking our community’s support by asking our friends and neighbors to support our Sheridan in Bloom campaign. With your donation of $50 we can ensure that our Main Street continues to bloom with thousands of petunias each and every summer!

Please say yes to keeping Sheridan in full bloom during the summer and consider becoming a Sheridan in Bloom supporter today.

Donate today to help keep Sheridan in bloom!