At Bursch Travel‘s Sheridan, WY location, helmed by the seasoned advisor Peg Martin, wanderlust meets expertise, offering not just vacations but unforgettable odysseys. With a steadfast mission to craft personalized journeys, the agency ensures every adventure is tailor-made to suit individual desires and budgets, fostering lasting memories with each trip.

Rooted in integrity, honesty, and transparent communication, Bursch Travel’s culture resonates with family values, emphasizing stability, respect, and reliability. United as OneTeam, the agency’s dedicated staff shares a passion for travel, infusing every interaction with knowledge and enthusiasm while striving for both personal and company success.

With four decades in the travel industry, Peg Martin is more than a seasoned advisor – she’s a true explorer at heart. Building a devoted following in group travel, she’s led countless excursions across Mexico, Costa Rica, Jamaica, and the Western Mediterranean, with more adventures on the horizon for 2025. Outside of planning dream getaways, Peg finds joy in spending time with her husband, Doug, and indulging in her hobbies, including horseback riding, fly fishing, and reveling in the vibrant culture of Mexico and Italy – two of her favorite destinations.