SHERIDAN – Our Interacting with Art series continues to create interest and we are excited to share the upcoming event.  Linda Hartman will be here demonstrating her talents on May 25th.   

  • Linda holds a Masters in Fine Arts from Michigan University where she studied with Lou Rizzolo.  She states; “ For me, each painting is a discovery, exploration between subject, personal interpretation and desired expressive result.” 
  • Her paintings have developed from a life of exploration and experience with the outdoors.  “As a family, our special time was spent camping, fishing, hiking and cross-country skiing, all of which shaped within me an early inner connection to wild places, and had a profound effect on the development and creation of my personal artistic motifs. “

While in graduate school Linda developed and taught Outdoor Encounter Studio, a class in which students from the School of Fine Arts backpacked on the South Manitou Island.  Through this class she was able to bring art students into an awareness and experience of a wild environment, to find the art and beauty within nature, and create personal art in response to their experience. 

As per her Artist Statement:

Linda currently lives in Sheridan and works for the US Forest Service. “Within Wyoming’s vast and powerful landscapes, I continue to explore and to paint personal interpretations.  While a wildlife element is often included in my paintings, this inclusion of wildlife is about bringing another element of the living landscape into the painting.  Through artistic exploration of wild places through hiking, camping, or plain air painting, I strive to enter into the landscape to feel its pulse, to listen, to observe and to interpret its life rhythms within each painting.    A landscape not created by man, but by God.  It is here in these places of wild beauty that I find, as painter Charles Burchfield stated, “a closeness to my Creator and feel His presence.”  Through my painting I try to bring the viewer with me into the wild places I paint, to find and experience it for themselves.”

The gallery is free and open to the public from 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday or by appointment.  If you would like more information about these artists, exhibitions, or receptions, please contact Wanda Kerns at 307-673-2878 or email at