Completed 2012

The South Park Pathway and Stream Enhancement Project on Little Goose Creek lies within the natural flood plain immediately prior to the start of the Sheridan flood control channel. This project provided much-needed stream stabilization and additional improvements to enhance recreational use by the public.

Natural materials were used to build structures that use the stream’s own flow to direct the channel and reduce bank erosion. Stream stabilization structures were also designed to decrease sediment resulting from eroding banks, thereby improving water quality throughout Little Goose Creek. The stream enhancements also provided much-needed public access to the streams within South Park.

Specific goals accomplished with this project include:

  • Increased public access to and enjoyment of Little Goose Creek
  • Increased stream health, sediment transport, and water quality
  • Decreased active bank erosion
  • Increased public support for and awareness of community-wide stream enhancements

South Park Before

South Park After