Opening in June 2019, Bison Union Coffee Company took off like a shot with visitors and locals alike falling in love with the new coffee haunt on the block. Walking into Bison Union Coffee Company is a whole vibe. From the rustic décor and eclectic sticker collection to the Bison Union branded shirts and the large selection of coffee available for purchase, it’s a fun experience. Sheryl Hodgson, general manager for Bison Union, spoke about how the coffee is produced at the shop. “All of the coffee beans are roasted by Bison Union right on location. People like to come to the coffee shop because oftentimes we are roasting during open hours and people like to come here to be part of the process and to experience it”, she said.

Sheryl is a spitfire of a lady with a kind heart and she employs the same quick-witted personalities to work at the coffee shop alongside her. Sheryl said “Bison Union has customers come in every day just to chat and get a little sass from the employees. We have some sassy personalities in here and our customers love that about us!”

When Sheryl was asked to talk about something that people may not know about Bison Union Coffee Company, she had some great info! Sheryl said that “90% of our staff are ‘Cross Fitters’, we cross-promote with Cloud Peak Cross Fit located around the corner and we support each other. We’ve done sponsorships together and the relationship just works!” Sheryl said that Bison Union recently had an issue with the elevator so she asked their Cloud Peak friends to help carry bags of beans up the stairs for coffee bean roasting day. Why not rock out a leg day workout by carrying 170-pound coffee bean bags up a few flights of stairs?

On the topic of partnerships, Sheryl said that Bison Union Coffee Company works with a lot of local businesses around Sheridan! She said they serve Glazed & Confused donuts at the coffee shop and Glazed & Confused serves Bison Union coffee. She went on to say “Frackelton’s is carrying our coffee for their espresso martinis and Shabby Shack now carries our coffee as well.” Sheryl noted that Sheridan’s local businesses take care of each other, and she’s right, they really support one another around here.

Come downtown and get a cup of joe at Bison Union Coffee Company; the bags of coffee are always stocked, the espresso machine is dialed in and the fun baristas are ready to get you going for the day with some sass and a lot of caffeine, or a lot of sass and some caffeine.