Located in the lively heart of Sheridan’s downtown, Century 21 BHJ Realty Inc. epitomizes enduring community values and exceptional service. Originally established in 1908 as an investment, insurance, and real estate enterprise, it has evolved into an integral part of the community fabric. Under the ownership of Bruce and Rosemary Garber since 2005, Century 21 BHJ, remains committed to delivering trusted real estate services, with a team of approximately 30 agents dedicated to serving the community.

Situated in its current location since the 1980’s, Century 21 BHJ underwent a significant renovation in 2017, modernizing its facilities while preserving its timeless charm. Embracing their ethos of community engagement, the Garbers and their team generously open their doors to local residents, offering the use of their conference room for events and meetings. Visitors are welcome to relax in the lobby, enjoy complimentary coffee, utilize the Wi-Fi, and soak in the inviting atmosphere. Beyond their commitment to exceptional service, Bruce, Rosemary, and their team prioritize community involvement and philanthropy. Actively supporting various nonprofits and community organizations, they contribute both financially and through volunteer efforts.

Here is a delightful twist to Bruce and Rosemary’s story: their journey began at Chicago airport’s Gate B 25. Imagine this: Rosemary, a Buffalo, NY native, and Bruce, proudly from Big Horn, WY, found themselves in the same place at the same time. Their serendipitous encounter sparked not just a lifelong partnership but also a deep commitment to each other and the vibrant community of Sheridan.