This August marks four exciting years since Christine Hampshire founded Cross E Dairy & Freedom Foods, 106 S Main St, an indoor farmers market born from her passion for the vibrant atmosphere of traditional markets. Wanting to create more lasting connections beyond the weekly visits, Christine envisioned a year-round market. Cross E provides a consistent supply of local produce and goods, featuring homemade products primarily from Sheridan and Johnson counties.

The name “Cross E Dairy” originates from Christine’s 5th generation family ranch, the Cross E Dairy Ranch, which provides the store with premium-quality dairy and meat products embodying Wyoming’s rich agricultural heritage. The second part of the name, Freedom Foods, pays homage to the Wyoming Food Freedom Act.

With the growing season ramping up, Cross E’s shelves will be filling up with fresh, seasonal produce showcasing the best of local farming. Additionally, they are planning new community events and fundraisers including an afternoon tea featuring food from local vendors. Stay tuned for more information on these exciting upcoming events! Head on down to Cross E Dairy today to pick up some fresh, locally sourced produce bursting with flavor!