Laura McColley’s journey with House of Colour began with enthusiastic recommendations of friends and family who had transformative experiences from their color analysis. With no House of Colour consultants in Wyoming, Laura seized the opportunity during a visit home to Nebraska to get her colors done with her mom. This eye-opening experience highlighted for her how many people could be struggling with finding the colors and styles that make them feel confident and beautiful. Laura’s passion lies in helping people know and understand what looks good on them, without necessarily chasing trends. She finds immense joy in showing clients that they can look and feel amazing, just how God made them to be.
House of Colour’s renowned color analysis process offers clients a deeply personalized experience, showing individuals their optimal color palette. These color palettes are categorized into four seasons – Autumn, Spring, Summer, and Winter. Through meticulous examination, the color analyst determines which colors best suit each individual using their undertones, color science & color theory. Clients leave not only knowing what colors look best on them for clothing and how to shop more intentionally, but clients also receive guidance on everything from best hair color, jewelry metals, makeup and more.
Color Analysis offers a liberating experience by unveiling surprising hues that boost confidence and refine shopping skills. It’s not about restrictions but about empowerment, revealing the colors that truly enhance your natural beauty and make you feel the most authentic version of yourself. This process is inclusive, catering to all individuals and offering invaluable tools for self-expression and confidence-building in various aspects of life. She also offers style analysis services, which help individuals find what styles and fits of clothing are best suited for their body type and personality. Contact Laura to embark on your color and style journey and discover the shades that uplift and radiate your natural beauty!