Illuminate Church humbly began in the cozy confines of Greg and Taylor Green’s basement, where friends and family gathered in a relaxed atmosphere to worship together. As word spread, more people from the neighborhood joined in, necessitating a move to a larger space. In looking for rental options, Cooley Butler graciously offered Luminous Brewhouse to be their temporary place of worship at no cost. In 2018, they relocated downtown to 38 S. Main Street. Following six years of expansion and growth, they achieved the milestone of purchasing the building in 2024, a testament to answered prayers and the steadfast backing of the community.

Taylor shared a fun fact about their current location on the South side: it once served as a National Guard recruitment center. Now, it’s where they hold kids’ church, a transformation Taylor finds particularly neat – it’s shifted from recruiting military personnel to recruiting children for Christ. Additionally, there is a powerful symbolism in congregating at church and then spreading the light of Christ onto the mission field.

Illuminate’s basement hosts another significant initiative: Clothing Connections. This program offers high-quality clothing to everyone, completely free of charge, promoting dignity and cultivating community care. You’re invited to participate in this transformative endeavor by contributing your gently used clothing. Reach out to the church to learn when you can both shop and donate your clothing.