Nestled in Downtown Sheridan, Sheridan Fly Rod Co., and Joey’s Fly Fishing LLC is a haven for fly-fishing enthusiasts, embodying craftsmanship and community. Joey Puettman, founder and CEO, firmly believes that hard work pays off with rewarding results. What truly sets his shop apart is its captivating custom rod-building classes, led by Joey himself every Tuesday and Thursday evening. These classes are more than just instructional sessions; they are cultural experiences, drawing in folks of all ages, from nine-year-old beginners to seasoned seventy-year-old anglers.

At the heart of Sheridan Fly Rod Co. lies Joey’s renowned custom fly rods, a testament to his craftsmanship honed for over two decades. But the shop is more than just Joey’s creations; it is a celebration of local male artisans. Explore Wayne Hape’s intricate saddle-making and handcrafted wallets, or admire Lloyd Marsden’s skillfully turned cigar bowls. Tom Balding and Tim Doolin are a few among the other talented artists whose works grace the shelves of Joey’s shop, offering a treasure trove of finely crafted wonders waiting to be discovered.

Despite the ongoing construction along Main Street, Joey remains optimistic, recognizing the long-term benefits it will bring despite the temporary inconveniences. He extends his gratitude to the City of Sheridan, city council members, and the Downtown Sheridan Association (DSA) for their unwavering support, a sentiment.

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