The Sheridan County Chamber of Commerce originated in 1913 as the Sheridan Commercial Club, consisting primarily of businessmen aiming to advocate for their interests collectively. The group was formed to address local government decisions and unite their voices. The first president of the Chamber was Harvey Fryberger, serving from 1930-1950.
Over the last century, the Chamber of Commerce has remained an essential component of our thriving community, contributing in numerous ways. With a membership surpassing 800 and a dedicated volunteer base of over 220 individuals, it’s clear that our community deeply values the chamber’s initiatives. Through the broad membership base, the Chamber fuels the local economy by developing, educating, connecting, and advocating to secure Sheridan’s future. Dixie Johnson, CEO, and the rest of her enthusiastic and dedicated team at the Chamber serve as the essential driving force behind this vital organization.
The Chamber’s annual Ignite Conference will be on May 21st, taking place at Sheridan College. This event offers individuals a valuable opportunity to explore professional development alongside fellow local professionals. Engage in sessions led by local experts covering areas such as business growth and development, human resources, marketing, and more! Additional ways to engage include joining the monthly Chamber Luncheon and attending Business Before or After-Hours events, providing excellent networking opportunities.