We are fortunate to live in an aMAYzing place with so many opportunities for adventures! Downtown Sheridan offers a great place to shop for all your upcoming adventures thanks to two active women, Donna Wilson and Karen Powers! 

Back in 1977, two ladies came up with the aMAYzing idea to open up The Sport Stop. It started off as a small store with a limited amount of sporting goods and footwear. Eventually, the ladies were able to expand into more categories’ and break into something near and dear to their hearts, the outdoor market. Karen Powers bought out her partner and brought in her daughter, Michelle Maneval, as her partner and General Manager. The Sport Stop, LTD now occupies 4 storefronts in historic downtown Sheridan. 

If you are planning your next adventure or want to know what your next outdoor adventure should be, stop by The Sport Stop! The staff members believe in their products they stock and in their knowledge about them, and love to tell people about it and share their love for the outdoors with anyone who will listen.