Babe’s Flowers is owned by Heidi Parker, a 3rd generation owner of the flower shop. The shop was originally opened by Babe Noonan! Babe opened the iconic business in downtown Sheridan in 1966 and the shop has not only stayed in the family since the 60s, but Babe’s Flowers has always been downtown.

Heidi spoke lovingly of the flower shop, “We have the freshest flowers of the highest quality. We strive for great customer service and love serving our customers.” Heidi says, “Sheridan is a flower town! Everyone sends and buys flowers for all kinds of events.” Babe’s Flowers can create arrangements for everything from birth to death and all events in between! “We work with corporate events, anniversaries, and any life event you can think of. Flowers are a great gift for anybody. They are a necessary luxury.” You can call to place an order, order online 24/7 and of course, stop in to order flowers in person. The perk of ordering at Babe’s is that you can take in the decadent scents of the flower shop, Babe’s smells fresh and pretty, always a welcoming environment. While you’re in, check out the array of gifts, home goods, décor and houseplants! The gift area is always fully stocked and has great grab-and-go options for any occasion.

Changes are coming this year for Babe’s Flowers! You can enjoy all of Babe’s holiday magic early on the day of the Christmas Stroll this year – Heidi plans to be open the whole day from 8 AM – 8 PM so if you want to beat the crowds, stop into Babe’s Flowers early!