What’s one of the happiest places on Main Street? Kid Curious of course! The joy of a toy store is truly magical and who can resist the colorful sections of fun? Kid Curious was opened four years ago in downtown Sheridan by owners Kim and Jamie Franzman, and what a treat they are to the community! “For us, customer service is where it’s at,” Kim said of the store. They thrive on providing a stellar experience for shoppers of all ages. “Give us the age of the kid you are shopping for and we will help find the best options!” She added. Kid Curious is a one-stop shop for any event AND they offer free gift wrapping with purchase!

At Kid Curious, the shelves are filled with an array of toys, from classic favorites like stuffed animals and building blocks to the latest STEM-based (Science, Technology, Engineering & Math) products and games. Whether you’re a child or an adult, the joy of a toy store reminds us all of the boundless potential for fun and creativity catering to ages 0-99. Kim and Jamie spoke about focusing on hands-on developmental and interactive play at Kid Curious, “Our whole thing here is that we try to lean away from electronics, screens, and batteries and focus on developmental play.” Kid Curious just got a new arrival, a Wyoming-made product called Dope Slime! The colors, scents, and texture combinations provide a whole new sensory experience. “We try and have unique, quality items that you can’t find everywhere else, or at big box stores,” Kim stated.

Who’s ready for the holidays? Kid Curious sure is! Santa will be at the store for Christmas so stay tuned for dates and times that he will be in the store! Remember to bring your letters to drop off to Santa while you’re there. “We host the 12 days of Christmas deals and look for our annual Promotion for the Christmas stroll – the more you spend, the more you save!” Kim added. Kid Curious will have Christmas products out soon so be sure to pick up your advent calendar early! During construction, you can access Kid Curious through their back-alley entrance and take a stroll through their incredible handmade aquarium on the way in.