Midtown Café doesn’t just offer amazing food, smoothies, and coffee. They also welcome you in with kindness like it’s their home, give great customer service, and provide warm, tasty made from made-from-scratch meals. You not only feel like one of the family while you’re there, but you can relax and enjoy the food and company in front of you because of the environment. Miguel and Olivia Bringas have owned and operated Midtown Café for the last 14 years and don’t have any plans to change that. When speaking with their daughter, Priscilla who also works at Midtown, she said her grandma was in the kitchen at the time of the conversation. That’s at least three generations working together for the same purpose – serving Sheridan amazing food.

Priscilla stated that all of the ingredients at Midtown Café are fresh and they grow the majority of the fresh vegetables and even some fruits in their large garden! She said, “We grow a lot of the produce ourselves like tomatoes, limes, zucchini, cilantro, pumpkins, onions, and more!” You can’t get any more home-grown-fresh than that at a restaurant. Everything at Midtown Café is made to order, nothing is reheated or set aside and they do make everything from scratch – have you had the green sauce? You need to if you haven’t yet.

When asked what the most popular breakfast item is, Priscilla said that the smothered chorizo breakfast burrito is ordered most often. When it comes to her favorites, she likes the buffalo chicken salad, the chai latte, and the Sundown Passion smoothie. “The smoothies are all made with fresh fruit, no dairy, are gluten-free, and have zero additives,” Priscilla stated.

All in all, go to Midtown Café for the atmosphere and the fresh food. Try the burritos, the salads, and the smoothies. Chat with the owners and the staff, you really will get a wonderful hometown experience complete with green sauce.