Roosters Market Place first opened on the boardwalk by Albertsons in early 2000 and relocated to Sheridan Avenue in 2015. It was in 2020 when the owner, Niki Warnke, opened Roosters Gift Shop in downtown Sheridan. Niki said that she felt a calling to be where she is now and ended up in the space for all the right reasons.

After the location downtown was chosen, the family who owns the building was involved with the remodel and showed up along with Niki’s friends and family; even customers came to help make the new space a home for Roosters.

Nikki grew up in Sheridan and she shows her love and welcoming nature for the community by always offering refreshments to patrons and visitors of the store. Niki said “Refreshments and hospitality are huge to us. Names are important and we work hard to learn people, their names, and stories.” In Niki’s words, “Roosters is a ministry, not just a gift store. People come into Roosters who are hurting, they come in because they need to be here. As a compassionate human, Niki knows she needs to set stuff aside and work with people who need her most. She stated, “People come to Roosters if they are seeking alignment in faith and some local guidance, a place to celebrate life’s challenges and joys.”

Another great fact about Roosters Gift Shop is that they are a huge part of the Sheridan Foster Parent Exchange organization and Niki offers two items that are gifted to each child when they go into foster care through the organization. Every child gets a Warmies® plush and a book from Roosters. Patrons of the store donate to the cause by purchasing a book and a Warmies® plush. The children in the Sheridan Foster Exchange also get stockings every year for Christmas through the program and Roosters donates DVD movies to go in the stockings through patron support.

Come hang out at Roosters Gift Shop, have a coffee (cold brew for the summer!), and enjoy the retreat. The store has back-alley access for customers to easily access the store during construction, and of course, the sidewalks are open to use the front door.