Shabby Shack Eatery & Catering is a downtown staple for creatively crafted unique lunch & brunch options. Owners Susan Kraft and Terra Sulzman ensure every dish is made to order with custom embellishments that help set them apart. Where else can you find a Blueberry Cheesecake Burger – ½ pound burger with blueberry compote, cream cheese, onion, lettuce, and tomato on a cinnamon croissant?! They also have traditional burgers, unique sandwiches, delectable brunch options, pizzas, salads, soups, sides, and a kid’s menu; there really is something for everyone at Shabby Shack!

The Exciting news from Shabby Shack is the addition of Terra’s Kraft Kitchen! The dinner spot opened in the same building as Shabby Shack and connects to the eatery. Terra’s has an incredible menu with a full bar offering a creative cocktail menu, local beers, and a great wine selection. The fun, colorful décor and design of Terra’s Kraft Kitchen are all put together by Terra, she is the creative mastermind, Susan said as she gave a tour of the new space. The neon wording on an accent wall covered with pretty foliage, combined with rustic accents around the dining area creates a modern look that has an uptown feel.

Unfortunately, service at Terra’s Kraft Kitchen will be on hold until the construction moves down from in front of the restaurant. This note was posted on their social media, “We will be going on hiatus until construction in front of our establishment has moved forward. We will be holding a bamboozle of a party for our Grand Opening!! Stay Tuned lovely people.” With that said, we encourage patrons to continue dining at Shabby Shack Eatery & Catering during their regular hours. They have access to the restaurant from the sidewalk and through the back alley entrance in the same parking lot as Carroll’s Furniture.