Sheridan Antiques is a great escape in downtown Sheridan. Tom and Becky Stedtnitz started out as vendors at Best Out West and moved into their current location eight years ago. Tom mentioned that Sheridan Antiques is not a consignment store, they curate all the items sold at the store. The business storefront is unique to downtown with a garage door that stays open through summer business hours where you can find a rack of vintage jackets or larger pieces welcoming you in to see what treasures await you!

A fun fact about Sheridan Antiques is, as Tom puts it, “I have a picture of Sam Mavarakis on the wall and I’m pretty sure it was in his shop. I believe it’s the photo that was used to model the statue after that sits in front of the Downtown Sheridan Association”. Tom said that Sheridan Antiques has a variety of things and he listens to what customer are asking for, “We try to offer what’s in demand and do our best to stick to the used market,” he said of the inventory. One of Tom’s favorite items to have at the store is the animal mounts, “I like to display them so people can look at them. People ask the difference between deer and elk and other animals; I like to have examples to show them.” Tom said of the animals. He also likes to curate unusual items and in the spirit of unusual and mounts, one of the most requested items is a Jackalope mount and Tom said they are getting hard to find!

“I learn something every day from customers. Sometimes they come in and look for things I don’t know about.” Tom said of Sheridan Antiques. Tom can keep an eye out for things people may want, he’s always in the market for buying old stuff and they don’t take donations as they want to pay for the things they get to carry for consumers. Tom spoke highly of the community and humbly stated that they like to give back to organizations that benefit the local youth. He believes giving back is part of being a local business owner.