Step into the warm embrace of community at the Kula Space – an oasis where simply crossing the threshold invites a deep exhale, encouraging relaxation and connection. The owner, Tanya Moon’s journey with The Kula Space began unexpectedly, as she ventured into teaching yoga outdoors upon moving to Wyoming. After discovering the studio, she quickly integrated into its community, transitioning from student to teacher. Tanya then had the amazing opportunity to become the owner of the Kula Space in 2020.
With a small but dedicated team, including her supportive mother, she pours her energy into every aspect of the Kula Space, ensuring it remains a sanctuary of tranquility and acceptance. Under Tanya’s guidance, the studio thrives as a place where individuals can escape and reconnect with themselves, all while upholding its legacy of excellence. Tanya’s passion for yoga and commitment to creating a welcoming atmosphere continue to inspire all who enter the Kula Space.
The studio offers a retail space with quality yoga apparel and supplies. It has a variety of yoga classes catering to students of all ages and abilities from gentle restorative practices to more active styles. Tanya’s goal is to create a space of inclusivity, emphasizing that yoga is for all. Apart from yoga, the studio is expanding its services to include a women’s holistic hormone practitioner who offers functional health services, including functional labs, and two certified massage therapists. Don’t miss the Grand Opening of the new businesses this Friday at 5:30! This summer, The Kula Space will add Kula Kids Yoga in June and a Mom and Daughter Yoga every Monday from 12 pm to 12:45 pm. Also, don’t miss the Eaton’s Ranch Yoga Retreat September 20-22. For more information and to sign up go to