In August 2018, a small batch of hand-poured soy candles debuted at a local fundraiser, sparking unexpected enthusiasm. Recognizing a golden opportunity, Dwight and Megan Stanislaw, the founders of WYO Candle Co., embarked on a mission to encapsulate the very soul of Wyoming. Their vision? To infuse the rugged Western charm with the tranquility of the outdoors, crafting premium candles destined to delight all who encounter them.
A year later, in August 2019, WYO Candle Co. officially opened its doors, bringing to life Dwight and Megan’s vision. Their candles, carefully crafted with scents reminiscent of the untamed spirit of the Wild West, swiftly captivated the hearts of locals and beyond. With each flicker, their creations ignite a sense of nostalgia and adventure, spreading the essence of the frontier to homes near and far.
Recently, WYO Candle Co. expanded its offerings to include candle-making events, adding another dimension to the Sheridan community’s hands-on experiences. These private classes provide participants with a two-hour immersive journey into the art of candle making, allowing them to blend their own signature scents and take home a custom candle – a tangible memento of their creative endeavor. On May 4th, they launched their latest candle, Sagebrush Prairie, drawing inspiration from a painting by a talented local artist. Don’t miss the chance to visit WYO Candle Co. and explore their exquisite collection of candles or order online at