You’re immediately taken back in time upon entering The Old General Store Antiques. The music on the antique record player softly pours out tunes from days gone by and the eclectic items around the store give a sense of awe and intrigue. From the porcelain Siamese cats on the front counter to the old Western posters and postcards, jewelry, clothing, lamps, and furniture – it’s an incredible antique collection to take in and enjoy. Owner and Sheridan native, Luke Knudson who is in his early 20s, has been running the storefront in downtown Sheridan since his early teens. An interesting story to share that seems fitting for an antique store!

Lesia Hahn, one of Luke’s employees, shared that his forte is chandeliers. There was a good amount of them around the store and they’re gorgeous! When Lesia was asked why people should stop into The Old General Store Antiques, she said, “The chandeliers and the eclectic antiques!” Lesia has been working at the store since April and she loves being there because she learns about the antiques from customers. She said one of the fun things about the patrons that come into the store is that they usually know what they want before they come in and they love to share their knowledge with her about the items. The local Sheridan crowd comes in often to see what’s new too. Lesia said that “Luke goes on trips and brings back amazing stuff for the store from all over the U.S. He has a great eye for interesting items to bring back to Sheridan.”

The Old General Store Antiques has new merchandise hitting the shelves all the time, including turquoise and silver vintage jewelry, assorted handbags, wallets, and some vintage clothing added on to the already fully-stocked décor, home goods, western items and so much more! Stop in to see Luke and the store employees and find your next antique treasure. The store is open Tuesday through Saturday from 10 AM- 5 PM and the sidewalks are open during construction so it’s a quick easy walk to get there!