Bighorn Design Studio has been in downtown Sheridan since the late 80s and has grown exponentially in services and recognition. Bighorn Design offers screen printing, embroidery, e-commerce fulfillment, and design. Most everything they do is done in-house, right here in downtown Sheridan and they offer their services for local small businesses and remote clients as well.

In speaking with Mary Jane Fieldgrove, the general manager of Bighorn Design Studio for the last 16 years, there is a feel for the confidence and support that she and the company offer to their customers. Mary Jane stated that they have over 30 e-commerce stores that they do fulfillment for and ship products all over the United States and Canada. All the online fulfillments are managed from the upstairs portion of the downtown building and the products are made by creators at Bighorn Design Studio. That means no middleman and you get great customer service from the people working on the product.

In addition to working with local and remote clients, Bighorn Design produces and manages the inventory for their satellite retail store, Surf Wyoming located between Bighorn Design Studio and Bison Union Coffee Company. Surf Wyoming was founded in 1999 and is Wyoming’s first full-fledged lifestyle brand offering souvenir gear and all the latest trends in tees and caps. With the brightly colored unique designs juxtaposed with the rustic interior of the shop, Surf Wyoming definitely stands out in downtown. Did you know Surf Wyoming has a sister store in Cody, WY? True story! Aside from the two locations, Bighorn Design Studio doesn’t distribute the brand anywhere else – so grab your favorite designs when you see them!

Park in Grinnell Plaza and take a short walk to Surf Wyoming and Bighorn Design Studio, with sidewalk access during construction it’s just a hop and a skip! Stay tuned for changes ahead for Bighorn Design Studio.