Riddles has been on Main Street in downtown Sheridan for nearly a decade and after speaking with assistant manager, Sarah Coffin, there is a lot to learn about the business. Sarah pointed out that Riddle’s Jewelry is family-owned and operated in 62 locations. In addition, the goldsmiths are hand-trained by the company and every single store has their own goldsmith on site. “President/CEO Brett Riddle himself will stop and check in on the Sheridan location. It’s a very personal feel. Most of the Riddle family actively works for the company.” Sarah stated.

Sarah talked about the quality of the jewelry Riddle’s carries, she personally loves Canadian diamonds, they are the only rocks mined in North America. She spoke about the procuring process and that “The land is surveyed before mining and after mining the land is returned to the state it was in prior to breaking ground to ensure environmental sustainability.” Sarah noted that they sell YOGO sapphires where they have a contract with the YOGO mine. In the sapphire family, Riddle’s also has Montana sapphires which are gorgeous! If you want to do a little research of your own, Sarah suggested looking up a documentary on the Discovery Channel where Riddle’s Jewelry is featured in tandem with YOGO Sapphire mining.

Something many people don’t know is that Riddle’s Jewelry offers custom design options! The store has access to many colors and shapes of diamonds and your imagination is the limit with what they can do! Sarah stated “Riddle’s creates a lot of custom pieces and people may not think of us for that! We have a lot of customers here that get custom pieces done.”

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