Megan and Ron Cook took ownership of Java Moon in December of 2021. If you have been to the coffee shop, or are a frequent patron of Java Moon, chances are you have seen Megan behind the counter making coffee, preparing food, washing dishes, restocking items, and cleaning tables. Megan isn’t one to ask her employees to do tasks she wouldn’t do herself and her dedication to the business is reflected in the positive reviews and beaming feedback from patrons in the coffee shop. Megan is a believer in community and connection, which is the main focus of Java Moon, she wants the coffee shop to be a place for people to gather and connect. Megan said some people come in twice a day just to chat and to see her and the baristas and to hang out.

Java Moon not only has great coffee – which Megan speaks highly of, but they also make everything in-house. “We make everything from scratch, crack every egg, and measure every ingredient. There is nothing we don’t make in-house. All the bakery items are handmade and we just upgraded to quality meats from Boar’s Head so the Turkey is now organic!” Megan stated. The most popular food menu item is The Classic sandwich made with sun dried tomato turkey, provolone, bacon, avocado, and a garlic spread. The most popular baked good is the monster cookie which is gluten-free and has oats, M&M’s, and chocolate chips. Customers love lattes of all kinds and the smoothies are the most ordered non-coffee drink made with all non-GMO ingredients and have no sugar added.

Go to Java Moon for the coffee, because according to Megan, they have quality coffee from the bean to the roaster to the way baristas extract the espresso. “Our roaster is a quality roaster out of Laramie and they spend time to produce the quality coffee people deserve. Our baristas are trained to pull espresso to get quality shots every time.” She noted that the coffee might take a few extra minutes, but the people and the space make spending a little more time at a local coffee shop worth the wait.

Come to Java Moon for the Crescent Moon rolls, the sandwiches and coffee, the local art on the walls curated by SAGE Community Arts, and the fun, uplifting atmosphere. The coffee shop is a welcoming place for friends and family to spend time on the beautiful patio out back and take advantage of the free public parking right behind Java Moon! Convenience – check. Great food and coffee – check. Great atmosphere – check.