If you have been in Sheridan for any amount of time you have probably run into Linda and Willis Fauth. The pair opened Crazy Woman Trading Co. – Sheridan, Wyoming.. 27 years ago and are so thankful for the customers and their support for making it all possible. Linda stated that she and Willis have not only been partners in business for 55 years, they’ve been married for 58! She said that no other business is similar to Crazy Woman, she has the brand trademarked so no one CAN be similar (smart lady).

Linda is a lively gal with a great eye for apparel and accessories. She enjoys being a little edgy with her merchandise choices and has great stories behind the items they carry at the store. Linda was thrilled to note that Crazy Woman Trading Co. ships all over the world. “We recently shipped to the Netherlands, Africa, Japan, and New Zealand!” She stated. When Linda and Willis travel, they see the Crazy Woman brand out in different areas. “I will see someone with a crazy woman brand on, and I will talk to them about it, I love it!”

“We are very friendly, and fun and we carry something for everyone in the store at every price point. We aren’t just high-end apparel; we start out with marbles at $.15 and kids love those!” Linda said lovingly of Crazy Woman Trading Co. She and Willis have had businesses in Sheridan for 55 years and have no plans to stop working any time soon. They both feel like they have the best customers in the world and always have. Visitors come back year after year and have built relationships with the couple cultivating lifelong friendships. Linda said that she loves working and the quote, “If you have a job you love, you won’t work a day in your life” is how she feels about their store.

Come visit Linda, Willis, and their dog Lulu at Crazy Woman Trading Co! The store is accessible via the back-alley entrance and the sidewalks are open during the Main Street construction project, just a hop and a skip from close public parking.