After retirement, Jennifer Nelson found herself wanting to be more involved in the community and to be around people. In her time out and about, she noticed that Sheridan had a niche to be filled with mid to high-end quality bed and bath goods. With that in mind, Jennifer created Side Street Bed & Bath to offer beautiful, soft, and relaxing items to the community. Jennifer and her husband Garry have owned the downtown business since 2014 and Jennifer runs the business full time.

While designing the look and feel of Side Street Bed & Bath, Jennifer employed the concept that she wanted to help people create a haven for themselves. She enjoys helping people create a restful environment so they have a relaxing escape in their home. Jennifer said that she wanted a whole new experience for shoppers. She said, “With all of the beautiful blankets, bedding, towels, and soft intimates, there’s a tactile experience to give people when they’re here.”

One thing Jennifer said she wants more people to know is that she carries bedding at Side Street Bed & Bath. She stated, “Oddly enough people don’t know I offer more than pajamas and towels until they come in and shop.” Jennifer really enjoys working with people who want help designing their bedrooms to create a dreamy escape with colors and fabrics. She keeps a sleek and openly shoppable space that is easy to browse and allows plenty of room to move around and put together your own personal retreat. Jennifer also carries intimate wear at Side Street Bed & Bath to complete your relaxing escape.

Jennifer mentioned that she is beyond grateful and humbled by the people of Sheridan for their support and kindness toward her and the store. If you know Jennifer you know she comes from a place of sincere gratitude. She said she is thankful to be part of the history of downtown and to continue serving the community. Remember that even during construction, Side Street Bed & Bath is open and accessible via sidewalk and a back-alley entrance.