Frackelton’s has been serving Sheridan their masterfully prepared dishes for nearly a decade and the eatery has become a staple for locals and visitors on Main Street. Owned by Andy and Nikki Ward since 2020, the restaurant has been through a lot under their ownership. From making it through COVID to the fire of 2022, it’s been more than anyone could have anticipated or expected. Let’s take a minute to give the Frackelton’s owners and staff a major pat on the back and some serious kudos for being here to continue to serve Sheridan in the best way they can – with delicious food, superb craft drinks, and stellar service.

Andy spoke highly of the food at Frackelton’s and stated that the ribeye is the most ordered dinner item, people love it. The ahi poke bowl is the most popular lunch item – for good reason. If you haven’t tried it, it comes highly recommended by Andy and numerous other people who enjoy dining at Frackelton’s. When asked what drinks Andy and his wife Nikki like to order, Andy said, “I am pretty simple and like a Crown and Coke, my wife likes the Coffeetini.” The Coffeetini is extra fun because it’s made with coffee from Bison Union Coffee Company just down the street! Remember folks, Happy Hour is every day from 4-6 PM, yes even Saturday.

What are some things that make Frackelton’s special? Well, as Andy stated, “We buy all of our pork chops from Young’s Farm in Parkman, WY and it’s locally raised there.” Andy added that everything is made from scratch at Frackelton’s, from the crowd-pleasing wasabi aioli, the dressings, and seasonings to the risotto, different pasta dishes, sides, and unique appetizers – it’s all made in-house. What are your dinner plans for tonight? We suggest you head down to Frackelton’s and treat yourself to a perfect meal and a craft beverage, it is a special occasion after all, it is a day that ends in ‘y’!