The WYO Theater, a shining beacon in downtown Sheridan and has been dazzling the community since opening in 1923, making this year the 100th anniversary! The theater first opened as a Lotus, a vaudeville theater, and held shows and performances through the early 1980s. In 1982 the theater closed only to reopen in 1989 as a road house. Since then, the WYO Theater has been dazzling and entertaining with live music, plays, and performances of all genres and styles!

The WYO Performing Arts & Education Center’s mission is “To inspire, educate and entertain people of all ages by giving the performing arts a place to be seen, heard and felt.” The WYO is made up of multiple sections, making it versatile and able to accommodate all kinds of different performances! In the building, you will find the WYO Main Stage, Mars Theater, Tandem Hall, Dance Studio, Mars Lobby, and Conference Room. With the different rooms and stages comes the option to be able to enjoy different styles of performances such as live plays, films & documentaries, movies, local and visiting musicians, dance performances, opera and so much more. The WYO Theater also hosts events all year round from galas for the arts, film festivals, chamber of commerce after hours, and private gatherings – yes you can rent the WYO!

Make sure you catch a show or presentation at the WYO Theater, there are many different kinds of productions to entice you to get out and take in the performing arts! While you are there, enjoy the architecture, interior beauty, and the downtown treasure that is the WYO Theater.