Nestled in the lower level of the 171 North Main business block there is a shining star of a dance studio. In Suite 5B just at the bottom of the stairs, you will find Merit Dance Company, owned and operated by Ashlee Quarterman. Ashlee isn’t a stranger to the dance community and she most definitely isn’t new to being a dancer. Although Merit has been open since April of this year, Ashlee has been dancing since she was three years old and instructing since she was 18.

Ashlee was inspired to open Merit Dance Company when she saw the opportunity to provide training to Sheridan from master performers. “I feel like a lot of my background has led to this opportunity to bring in bigger names to work with kids in the Sheridan area. I have an eye for talent and growth and enjoy being part of childhood development. I love being able to provide it in a dance setting.” Ashlee has a life full of experience, but she has a soft spot for childhood development and attended specialty classes on the subject in high school to gain more knowledge. Because of her connections and experience, Ashlee is able to bring in master artists in choreography and dance from all over the United States to provide training in different areas and styles of dance. The most recent visiting professional was from Seattle. Being able to expose students to as many styles, forms, and opportunities in dance set Merit apart from a more traditional dance studio.

There are some exciting things on the horizon at Merit Dance Studio! You can expect another awesome master class this October with instruction from former BYU Cougarette, Brin Linton who will be teaching hip hop-style sessions! A must-attend class for anyone interested in learning new skills. Ashlee is focusing on growing the Merit Dance Company teams, which means if you’re interested in training and traveling for dance competitions, stop by for a class! All of the classes offered at Merit Dance Co. are listed on the website and Ashlee would love to invite you to join her and the students for a class!