Jackalope Ranch Mercantile was opened in 2021 by owners Pamela and Wayne Gable. The boutique surely isn’t their first endeavor, Pam and Wayne have been Sheridan business owners for decades. From Sheridan Seed Company to a knitting store, and a boutique in the Holiday Inn to renovating a building and creating Java Moon and Over The Moon in 1999, they are anchor stores in the downtown. Pam and Wayne’s last establishment was Twisted Hearts, a boutique much like Jackalope Ranch Mercantile with an adjoining coffee shop named Red Velvet. From Twisted Hearts, Jackalope Ranch was born and carefully designed just a block down and across the street.


When speaking to Pam, she spoke lovingly of the inventory she carries. She said that when looking for items and brands to carry at Jackalope Ranch Mercantile she looks for inspiration from other beautiful towns while traveling. She seeks out similar stores to hers to help cultivate ideas to bring back to Sheridan. The eclectic and well-put-together inventory is always shifting and caters to every age group. Pam stated that she seldom goes to markets and tries to bring in goods that nobody has in town. When Pam was asked what sets her apart from other boutiques she said, “I think visually. I try to envision what people want to see in Sheridan. I am forward thinking and seek out unique things to share.” Pam stated that, “When I travel, I love seeing what other towns and downtowns are doing, I see beauty in modern design.”


Stay tuned for changes ahead at Jackalope Ranch, if you know Pam you know she always has something new and fun up her sleeve! The most incredible renovation at the store this year to date is the updated back-alley entrance. Pam has made a beautiful transformation to invite patrons to access the store through a beautifully curated garden and sitting area, making it easy to avoid construction on Main Street. The sidewalk in front is also open for customers.