Halen McMahan opened Puzzle’s Game & Hobby in 2018. The storefront is connected to Brian’s Boot & Shoe Company and has its own entrance. Although Puzzle’s is a smaller retail space, Halen has a lot of inventory for the gaming customer. He is extremely knowledgeable about games from puzzles to more complicated miniature wargames like Warhammer. Halen sells board games, tabletop games, and mini-war games, role-play games, and puzzles. When asked what sets him apart from a traditional hobby store, Halen stated that “I sell more interesting and fun board games that are not your traditional Monopoly style.” Think Risk and beyond. Halen picked up a box and said, “If you want a game to bust out on a whim, I suggest Costume Party Detective. It’s fun and always different!” In chatting with Halen he mentioned that he loves chatting and nerding out with people! He said, “Stop in and let’s talk shop about D&D (Dungeons and Dragons) and Warhammer!” Halen is happy to assist in finding your next new hobby obsession!

Halen also works next door at Brian’s Boots & Shoe Co., when he’s not assisting customers with their footwear needs, he is at Puzzle’s Game and Hobby. That means he’s pretty much always at the store on one side or the other and ready to help with anything you need. As a reminder, customers can access Puzzle’s via sidewalks during construction, or through Brian’s Boots back-alley entrance, just look for the sign on the door of the boot store. Puzzle’s Game and Hobby is open even during construction!